10 Best Blogs about Moroccan Food

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Moroccan food is full of flavor, texture, and color. Whether you’re looking for inspiration for your next meal or just want to learn more about Moroccan cooking, these ten best blogs about Moroccan food are a must-read.


Welcome to Maroc Mama, the blog of one adventurous lady, Amanda, who found true love in Marrakech! Join her as she shares her experiences of raising two adorable boys and her discoveries of the best Moroccan food recipes.
Maroc Mama is an invitation to explore the rich and varied culture of Morocco through stories, photos, and recipes. As well as providing an insight into the culture and lifestyle of Moroccans, Maroc Mama celebrates the country’s beauty, history, traditions, customs, cuisine, and people.

If you’ve ever wanted to explore Morocco, Maroc Mama is the perfect starting point. The blog features posts on Moroccan culture and traditions, including a look at Morocco’s unique architecture, clothing, and customs.

Dinners With Dave

Dave, a native of Chicago and resident of Los Angeles, Austin, and Chicago for the past decade, has a remarkable food heritage from his Czechoslovakian paternal grandparents, Italian-American maternal grandfather, and French Algerian maternal grandmother. Dave grew up savoring classic dishes such as pasta with pork neck bone gravy, lamb stew ranging with raisins and cinnamon and delights like the weekly Koprova special (boiled beef with dill gravy) at local Czech restaurants.

Dave’s penchant for exploration is seemingly inborn. After stints as a marketing executive, Dave now focuses on dedicating more time to travel, recreating international dishes at home, and writing his blog. Join Dave as he chronicles his experiences, including recipes, city guides, and stories inspired by his unique history, voyages, and the intriguing people he meets along the way.


Discover the best of Moroccan cuisine and all its flavors with this top-rated Moroccan food blog! Whether you’re looking to immerse yourself in the recipes, cooking methods, and culture of Morocco, or you’re searching for a variety of international recipes, this blog has you covered. Plus, you can enjoy it in English, Arabic, and French – making it a great resource for food lovers around the world.


Welcome to The View from Fez, a place where you can explore the unique flavors of Moroccan cuisine. Here, you will find plenty of delicious recipes, tips, and tricks to help you create an authentic Moroccan culinary experience.

With dozens of delicious recipes to choose from, you can explore the culinary delights of Morocco with ease. From traditional tagines to modern twists on classic dishes, The View from Fez has all the recipes you need to create flavorful feasts for your friends and family.

Tasty Morocco

On this blog, you’ll find a variety of great traditional and modern recipes from both Moroccan and international cuisine. We help you through your day with simple, quick, easy, and colorful recipes.

Mino Amin

When Mino, a professional musician from South Korea, took a trip to Morocco in 2006, he was looking for a new experience and to learn about the “Darbouka,” or goblet drum.

Little did he know that his journey would be life-changing. After immersing himself in the culture and learning about its beliefs, Mino found himself drawn to the Islamic faith and eventually converted. His time in Morocco was also the catalyst for him to relocate there and start a new life.

With over 341,000 subscribers, Mino never fails to impress with her culinary creations; from chebakia to tanjia, couscous to pastilla, Join the hundreds of thousands of Mino fans and discover the taste of Morocco!

Salima’s Kitchen

Welcome to Salima’s Kitchen – a gluten-free and allergy-friendly blog with healthy and always delicious recipes! Drawing heavily upon her family’s Moroccan heritage, Salima enjoys incorporating the unique flavors and spices of Morocco into classic American dishes, while focusing on organic, locally sourced ingredients. With Salima’s Kitchen, you can enjoy flavorful Moroccan-inspired dishes that are both healthy and delicious.


If you’re looking for a unique and flavorful culinary experience, then you’ve come to the right place. MoroccanZest brings you the very best in Moroccan cuisine. It offers a wide variety of traditional and modern recipes, as well as tips and advice for how to recreate these dishes at home, and provides information about the culture and history behind each dish, helping you to gain a more complete understanding of the country’s cuisine.

My Moroccan food

This blog is dedicated to exploring traditional Moroccan dishes. It covers everything from street food and home-cooked meals to regional specialties and traditional Moroccan desserts.
The woman behind this blog is Nargisse Benkabbou. Nargisse is an innovative Executive Chef at L’Mida Marrakech, creating recipes, and menus and hosting cooking classes and supper clubs that go beyond traditional Moroccan cuisine. By combining her heritage with modern flavors, her recipes are a unique celebration of both old and new, with the goal of inspiring and bringing a fresh perspective to Moroccan food.

Chef Rachida

Chef Rachida combines Moroccan cooking, and classic French techniques with a modern approach and believes in using the freshest ingredients to create a delicious and healthy meal. She provides detailed step-by-step instructions and advice on cooking techniques, so you can make sure your food comes out perfect every time

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